Conference Programme

This conference will explore various ways to enhance and transform teaching and learning through meaningful inclusion and diversity policies, programs, and activities. This conference will explore how higher education institutions can create inclusive and diverse cultures of teaching and learning. This conference will cover a wide range of research and perspectives on inclusive teaching practices, curricular activities, assessment methods and related areas. 

The draft conference programme is now available for delegates to view and can be downloaded from the below link. Please note this programme may be subject to change. Delegates are advised to check back regularly for updates.

Conference Programme

Track 1: Inclusion and Diversity in Teaching and Learning Activities

Possible topic areas under this track will include: inclusive service learning in local communities, inclusive research in human, social, economic, and environmental sustainability, democratic engagement for local and global citizenship, social action in inclusion, changing professional identities for faculty, student identity development for inclusive learning environments, cultivating student learning communities for inclusion and diversity, integrating inclusive activities into teaching practices as a pathway for meaningful and high impact learning, cultivating faculty learning communities for inclusion and diversity, and connecting coursework to inclusion and diversity.

Track 2: Inclusion and Diversity in Institutional Leadership

Possible topic areas under this track will include: integrating inclusion and diversity into the institutional mission and vision, creating an institutional culture and infrastructure for inclusion and diversity, and developing institutional executives and administrators as inclusive leaders.

Track 3: Inclusion and Diversity in University-Community Partnerships

Possible topic areas under this track will include: inclusive strategic planning to bridge the divide between campus and community, using social media and technology as a tool for campus and community collaborations, forging strategic partnerships with industry, government, and NGOs for a more inclusive and diverse society.

Conference Session Types
This conference will have presentations in roundtable (panel) discussion format and interactive workshop format as well as a poster session.

  • Intimate Discussion Panels. Each discussion panel will consist of about five or six panel members (presenters). Each panel will last 60 minutes and is a more intimate discussion format where each presenter will give a brief presentation (about 8 minutes for each presenter) followed by an in-depth Q & A discussion by all presenters and audience members. To aid their oral presentation, presenters may use computers and projectors (will be made available), or they may distribute summary hardcopy handouts of key points (must bring your own), or they can just deliver an oral presentation without any aids. The following format will be used:
    Part I: 45 minutes, panel statements (presentations) by panel members
    Part II: 15 minutes, questions from audience for panel members and interactive discussion between panel and audience
  • Interactive Workshops. A limited number of 60 minute workshops will be available during the conference. For the workshops, the structure is open – the workshop presenter decides what format to use within the allotted 60 minutes.
  • Poster Sessions. Poster sessions will last 60 minutes. Presenters discuss their poster with conference attendees who are viewing their poster. Poster boards will be provided. Posters dimensions should be A0 portrait style. Presenters need to ensure that posters are readable and easy to follow and make their points concisely and clearly.